Exercises You Can Do At Home For A Quick Tone Up

Toning is an obsession for many brides. And why it shouldn’t be? 

You want to look your best and feel healthy. So here is a workout you can do for a quick toned body.

Mountain Climbers Twist

25-30 Reps Of 3 sets

Go to a push up postion. Twist your hip while bring your left knee up to your chest. Remember to squeeze your abs!

Perfect Squat
25-30 reps of 3 Sets

Separate your foot to shoulder width or an inch more. Squat down as if you are sitting on a short chair. Squeeze your butt up and hold your abs in at the same time.

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Reverse Fly

20-25 Reps of 3 set

Minimum of 7 pounds

Bicycle Twist 

20-25 Reps of 3  Sets 

Lay on your back. Hold abs in and pull up your knees and use the opposite elbow to touch your knee. Remember to concentrate on twisting your upper body.

Curl & Lunge

25-30 Reps of 3 sets

Minimum weights 5 pounds 

Separate your foot to width of shoulder. Keep back straight. Take a one foot step and bring your hips down and bend both knees to a 90 degree angle. Come up while squeezing your butt. Do the same for the opposite leg.

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