Thanksgiving Wedding Decoration Ideas

Thanksgiving is one of the most fave holiday in everyone’s life. Its the time of year that brings most families together. If you are a bride and groom who is having your wedding on thanksgiving, you are very family oriented and love the warmth of this holiday. That also goes for people who is having a wedding around this time. To keep that warmness, try using warm colors like deep orange, browns, reds, hints of yellow. 

Of course you have to have pumpkins. What kind of thanksgiving would it be without pumpkins!

Just kidding about the pumpkin (lol). If you are not a big fan of pumpkins, you can always substitute with apples.

Pops of red and oranges with hints of browns will give an elegant look like this picture above.

Its okay if dont want to many colors at your wedding! Just stick to cream colors and different color browns like the picture above.

Remember to keep your decorations on the rustic side. This will give you the real warmly thanksgiving feeling.

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