Tips for Expecting Brides

Being a bride is an exciting time of your life. But being a pregnant bride is double the excitement because your bringing a new edition to the family. However some pregnant brides feel they won’t look as beautiful as other brides in a wedding gown.  These tips on finding the perfect wedding gown for your body should make you feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

1. Search for Bridal Salons that carries maternity wedding gowns. Designers are more aware that some brides out there are expecting a bundle of joy soon. So ask about those kind of designers that accommodate your unique body.

2.Determine whether you want to show your baby bump or not–  Empire waist dress with a flowy skirt will camoflouge your belly. If you want to show your belly wear a more fitted dress that’s a stretch material like Silk Jersey, English netting, and some lace. 

What happens if you choose something else other than a maternity gown?

That’s okay if you seen something else that you like or not a big fan of the maternity wedding gowns, just up the size of the wedding gown you love so much. 

Don’t forget it takes 4-6 months for your wedding dress to be ready.  If your showing now the bridal salon can tell you whether or not they can rush it or get you a new dress. But if your not showing just measure how big your belly will get depending on your trimester. 


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