Mermaid Themed Wedding

Having a theme to your wedding is always fun and not just for you but for your guests as well. It always bring excitement to your wedding. That kind of excitement will get your guests RSVP ASAP. So what kind of theme you want to have for your wedding this season. Well you might want to have a Mermaid themed wedding.


For your ceremony, you definitely want to get married on the beach for your mermaid wedding. It will give your wedding more of that mermaid feel. Your can decorate your chairs with starfish and/or rum bottles with sand in it.


Decorate your tables with sequin tablecloth, add cage candles, seashells, and for your centerpieces a classical little mermaid candle holder with a fork, knife, and spoon in it 

 Of course you will need a wedding cake. You can ask your cake designer to  put colorful corals, seashells, and starfishes on your wedding cake. 

You can also get a bouquet that fits your mermaid wedding theme! Just add seashells and starfish to it. Your bridesmaids should wear sheath empire dresses or maxi skirts with the colors of your theme.

Of course if you have a bigger budget you can go all out with the whole mermaid wedding theme. Either budget you will still have a beautiful wedding.


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