Why it’s okay to propose to your man.

For many centuries, proposal are from a man to a woman. So why are women proposing to their men now? And if it is okay? Well there are many reasons why that’s happening now. And it is most definitely okay to propose to your man.

  1. Guys just take to long ask. It’s not that they are scared  or anything. It’s just that they don’t know when to ask. And thats when you come in.
  2. You want to do something special for him. Now what I mean is that your guy have been pulling through special occasion for you one after another. Now you want to do the same and make it last forever.
  3. You are a true feminist. Being a feminist is not a ” women rules man” kind if thing. Being a feminist is about being equal with man. So your the type of girl who don’t mind switching up the roles of women being housewives to working women. So why not do the same for your engagement.

    Just remember know your man. Understand what kind of guy he is so you will know if he’ll be okay with it. 


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