New Era of the Fashionista Groom

Weddings have change tremendously over the centuries. Brides wear colored dresses now. Also not alot of people have religious weddings too. So many things have change in these past years But what has change recently? The grooms. 

What do I mean they have change? Well more and more grooms are being aware of how they dress on their big day. They also want to be the center of attention as well.Nowadays you will see grooms in amazing colors and designer suits.

 Here are some things grooms will wear on their wedding day.

This suit is perfect for a beach wedding. This handsome man is wearing a cornflower suit jacket with cream trousers and beige belt.

Want to turn heads? Wear this great teal suit, with brown a brown tie and light brown button down shirt.

This outfit is another great beach wear. A two button cream blazer. With a baby blue button down shirt. Navy slacks with brown loader.

For the grooms who want to stand out but have a classical look. Wear this oxford blue suit with an off white vest. And underneath wear a white button down shirt. Pick a blue and light green pattern tie.

Comment if you once were a fashionista groom or have any stories about picking a suit.


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