Planning a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in NYC

You or your friend is getting married and you want to throw the best celebration of their ending freedom as bachelor or bachelorette. Okay just kidding but you want to give him/her a special day for them before they get married. Here are some of the best spots in NYC.

  1. Caliente Cab– Pre party at this awesome Mexican restaurant with potent drinks in the West Village.

     2.  Attic Rooftop and Lounge– One of the hottest spots to party on a beautiful rooftop. This venue has an incredible bottle package for your group. The Prince package goes for $850. This package comes with 2 premium liquor, 1 premium champagne, and a bucket of beer. This is great for a Bachelor. To make it a Princess package just replace the beer for house champagne.

3. Johnny Utah’s– A Southwestern BBQ joint with an urban cowboy look to the venue. This awesome place in Times Square has a mechanical bull! Perfect for the soon to be bride and groom.

4. Gansevoort Plunge Lounge– This incredible rooftop is the best place to party in the Meatpacking District. It has great DJs, food, oh the best part, A POOL. So awesome to be for your party.

5. Slate NY- One of the most popular venues to go to in Flat iron. It has a stylish look with a multi level nightspot with pool tables and other games. 

6. Bembe– Want more of a casual spot to go to but still have fun. Come to this music in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With live music and delicious drinks, this will be sure to create memories for the bachelor and bachelorette and keep the spouse happy.


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